October brings us three featured speakers!!!

David Ethington has more than 20 years of experience as an IT security specialist, intelligence officer, cybersecurity team leader, and senior security consultant. David is currently serving as a security specialist for 3Degrees, managing security operations and policy. David served in the United States Army, specializing in intelligence operations and cybersecurity. He was also a senior information security consultant, with extensive experience in penetration testing and auditing financial institutions. David has experience in both offensive and defensive cybersecurity, as well as systems administration and programming. He holds a bachelor’s degree in IT, and a master’s degree in Information Systems Engineering, as well as certifications such as CISSP, Certified Ethical Hacker, ITIL, Azure Fundamentals, and Project+. Previous certifications include Security+ and Cisco CCNA.

Mohamed Malki has been key in transforming the State of Colorado’s security landscape. He’s been critical in building Colorado’s cybersecurity plan, designing Colorado’s public cloud architecture and building the requirements for Colorado’s Blockchain center of excellence. Mohamed holds multiple degrees, speaks four languages, and has more than 47  certifications, including AWS Cloud Architect, CISSP, Google GCP Architect, and Certified Ethical Hacker. A certified security trainer, Mohamed has helped hundreds of individuals achieve various certifications and proactively offers sessions for employees. Mohamed was recognized as “State Cybersecurity Leader of the Year 2019,” the state leader who demonstrates a passion and focus on keeping systems secure and thinking about security in the big picture of state IT. More at:

Trey Blalock is a highly respected security specialist who has performed extensive work in almost every security domain for some of the world’s largest corporations and governments. Trey has trained thousands of people on advanced security topics. He has managed all aspects of security for one of the world’s largest financial transaction hubs, performed hundreds of penetration tests for Fortune 500 companies, and has performed forensics for several high-profile cases such as “Donald Vance vs. Donald Rumsfeld.” He also specializes in defending large-scale systems from advanced threat actors. Trey currently serves on several forensic, red teaming, and penetration testing advisory boards, is a frequent guest on television, and recently served as the CISO for Coinstar.


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