April’s Cybersecurity Passion Project, The K12 Six Essential Protections.

K12s are in trouble and are now the number one target of ransomware, and most districts have no cybersecurity staff to help.

April is currently the CiSO and IT Ops manager for Seattle Public Schools with 107 sites and 8500 staff.  She’s also a national advocate for K12 cybersecurity through K12 six. 

She has supported cybersecurity and InfoTech in 132 different companies, and is well versed in complex, multilayered environments.

April is featured in Tribe of Hackers Blue Team: Tribal Knowledge from the Best in Defensive Cybersecurity; and she won a callout in SC magazine’s 2021 Top 20 Women in Cybersecurity. April holds a masters in IT and a CISSP. She is practical and pragmatic in her approaches to IT security, reducing the techno babble to manageable and actionable tasks for all users, from boardroom to lunchroom. 


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