Join us on June 14th, for our monthly ISSA meeting! Joan Ross will deliver a presentation on Making Security FUN again!

Joan Ross is an expert cyber technologist active in the security industry for thirty years. She’s an Adjunct Professor at St. Martin’s University in the Computer Science Dept. currently teaching cyber incident response and taking on a new role as global head of IT Audit & Compliance for a leading financial service company in Seattle, WA.
Joan actively researches groundbreaking new approaches to thwarting cyber-crime using artificial intelligence to thwart attacks. She was a primary algorithm contributor to a new InsightCyber service that was released in early 2022 and working on her doctoral dissertation focused on this new grounded theory for the application of novel AI for cybersecurity detection early in the killchain process.

Prior to InsightCyber, Joan was the chief security officer (CSO) and regional chief information security officer (CISO) of several notable technology companies, including Fortinet, Avanade, and DocuSign. She has also founded CISO Advisory Services providing cyber security consulting, auditing, and control testing services for U.S. companies acquiring overseas operations. Joan holds a MS in Engineering from the University of Washington with a focus on cyber incident response. She is an active board member and mentor, and an enthusiastic, Seattle Seahawks fan.

Once upon a time, customers came to technologists and requested inventive ways to secure their most precious secrets. At the time, there weren’t many ways or technologies to do so, and one could form inventive teams that created unique product that substantially protected their data networks. Fast forward several decades, and the job has become a grind for many professionals. There seemed to be an astonishing lack of support both within organizations and surrounding the industry for recognizing the value of security personnel. Non-stop expectations emerged for small, underfunded teams to cover vendor vulnerabilities, lack of a secure development lifecycle, change management procedures, and other process-oriented flaws. The supply chain became an unending broken link of risk and alert-fatigue from tools improperly calibrated and are out of sync. Many security professionals left the industry after facing demands from management that they misrepresent controls. It’s time to band together to make security fun again and we’ll discuss some technology and ideas to do just that – your thoughts, input and opinions are welcome throughout this discussion!

This will be a hybrid meeting (both in-person and online). You may attend remotely via Zoom or attend in person. Either way, please register!

Date Time: June 14th at 6:30 PM
Location: Mercer Island Community & Event Center – 8236 SE 24th St, Mercer Island, WA 98040


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