Join us on February 15th, 6:30 pm for this talk on Building Resilient Processes in Third-Party Risk Management!

Michelle Linders Wagner is a risk management and audit executive with 25+ years of experience solving problems and a deep passion for helping people. She loved the fast paced environment at Deloitte where she served hundreds of clients. Then, she turned those client-facing skills inward and reshaped Deloitte’s global quality and risk management function. As an executive at Costco, she led and matured the global governance, risk, and compliance department with responsibility for an “alphabet soup” of requirements (PCI, SOX, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PMO, NIST, BC/DR, PMO). At SAP she was responsible for setting strategy and executing high-priority initiatives to streamline and mature compliance activities with a customer-focused lens on a portfolio of over 120 global audits and assessments. Now, as the Head of Internal Audit at DocuSign, her role involves overseeing the internal audit function, ensuring compliance with regulations, optimizing processes, and maintaining robust risk management practices. She is also passionate about developing and mentoring, leading her to volunteer her time towards worthy causes such as the Women in CyberSecurity Western Washington Affiliate where she is the Treasurer.

If we were in the business of selling fear it would be pretty easy to do that by citing all the times that a third party has negatively impacted a company – whether that is because they are the basis of a data breach, a reason for a failure in their supply chain, or the cause of a service outage. Additionally, while it’s relatively straightforward, there are a lot of stakeholders and different dimensions to consider when building robust processes around third party risk. This session will explore the key processes from sourcing to offboarding and the steps along the way. Attendees will get a chance to think through some real-life scenarios and will walk away with some actionable steps that can help them improve their third party risk management. 

This will be a hybrid meeting (both in-person and online). You may attend remotely via Zoom or attend in person. Either way, please register!

Date Time: February 15th 2024 at 6:30 PM
Location: Mercer Island Community & Event Center – 8236 SE 24th St, Mercer Island, WA 98040

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